Monday, February 16, 2015

2015 World Championships

Last Friday, Macy and I trekked up to Beaver Creek for the 2015 World Championship ski races. Our valley has been hosting these incredible championships for the past two weeks, but I hadn't gotten the courage to take the kids up. 
I promised myself I would go while they were here because 
1. It is a World Championship - for real! 
2. It was free! 
3. How could I miss out on this?

We weren't able to make any of the awesome nightly concerts or post-race hoopla due to our basketball schedule and recent travels, but one day at the races made me wish I had gone sooner! It was actually a lot of fun. We sat at the bottom of the hill by the finish. But with the jumbo-trons and the course in front of us, we actually got to see some racing! We also sat next to the Austrian super fans - that was fun! 

As an athlete myself, I can definitely appreciate other athletes that are at the top of their game. So whether I know nothing about ski racing nor have I ever actually finished reading an article that prints in the Vail Daily, I really enjoyed watching these Olympians. 

We stayed through the first round of races (about 2 hours) and then left before the next round. I was pumped to see the next day that American Ted Ligety ended up winning that race. Macy did a great job hanging with her buddy Trevan, and then we hiked down the mountain (we took the bus up) and were on our way. I might even go to another ski race next winter because this one was so much fun! 

Great job to the Vail Valley for hosting such a great event and thanks to the over 2,000 volunteers it took to put it together. 

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