Thursday, February 19, 2015

Games, Games, Games

We are in a new phase of life around the Brandt home - family game time! The kids are loving games and are actually doing a great job learning new rules, taking turns and celebrating the winners. We had some toddler games last year that the kids enjoyed, but now we have a little more complicated preschool/early school aged games. Here are some of our favorites for a 4-year old (and 2-year old sister who joins in):  

Old Maid
Go Fish
Headbandz (above)
Hungry Hungry Hippos
Hi-Ho Cheerio
Candy Land
Memory (of any kind)
Zingo (good one too!)
Boom Boom Balloon (kinda scary when you pop the balloon though) 
Qwirkle (awesome adult game that Macklin is figuring out) 

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