Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mimi's Visit

Mimi came for a visit to help with Molly! It was a perfect time for catching up, planning future trips together, and of course, taking care of my growing family. Here are some of the highlights...

Welcome Mimi
She was supposed to arrive on her birthday but due to flight changes, she arrived the day after. We were ready with cupcakes, flowers and cards! 

Girl Day
Mimi took Macy for her first nail painting at a salon. We have painted her nails many times as home, but this was a special day. She loved it! Maybe a bad choice to start her this early, but it was fun! I told her that she had to sit still, and she did just that! 

Doughnut Morning

Ice Cream in Cardinals Hats

Special Pancakes
Macy is screaming happy things in this picture, promise. 

Hike by the River
Macklin and Macy showing off their HAPPY tattoos! 

Picnics by the river.

Mimi did a great job carrying Molly with the Bjorn! 

Lots of love for Mimi! 

Enjoying the afternoon! 

And....of course...
Lots of Molly Snuggles

Bonus snuggles with Buzz and Woody

And a little bath time! 

Thank you so much, mom, for coming to visit. I always feel so loved, cared for, and supported when you are here! We can do nothing and do everything, and all are just as enjoyable because I am with you. Thanks for your constant love! I am forever grateful! 

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