Thursday, May 14, 2015

Scavenger Hunt & Color Fight

While Mimi was in town, we planned a fun little adventure for the kids. Macklin and I were talking about "park-hopping" the week before. So we decided to get some goodies and hide "treasures" in different parks around Gypsum for the kids to dig up. We made six stops, including our finally. 

Green Flag Found!

Red Conquered!

Green, Pink, and Red in the Treasure Box! 

Orange Discovered!

Blue Redeemed! 

 Yellow Snatched Up!

And finally, in our last bags, we put colored powder left over from Mimi's recent Color Run. It was a fun moment watching the kids throw color at each other!


 Baxter even got to play!

Favorite Moment: Macklin chasing Mimi!

Happy kid! 

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