Friday, May 15, 2015

Molly's First Bottle

At just over a month old, Molly took her first bottle...from her big sister! Macy enjoyed feeding Molly and felt so helpful! 

I do have to share one conversation that took place after this feeding. My kids have been very curious about the breastfeeding process and I have been very honest with them. Hence the conversation...

Macy (running down the hall): Macklin, I got baby milk! Look at my baby milk. Do you know where this comes from?
Macklin (playing with Legos and doesn't really care): I don't know. 
Macy: From mommy's chest.
Macklin: From a chest?
Macy: From mommy's chest. 
Macklin: Like a treasure chest?
Macy (hitting her chest): No, Macklin, look! This chest.
Macklin (still doesn't really care): Ok. Macy

Later on...
Macy: Do you know where that baby milk came from Macklin? It's from mommy's chest. 
Macklin: Oh ya, Macy, I know. I just got the word mixed up. I know, mommy's chest. I just got mixed up. 

Glad we are all on the same page now...

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