Monday, May 16, 2011

J&J's Wedding Style

John and Jackie did a great job with their wedding, specifically all of the details! I wanted to make a special post just to share some of them.

First off, the Converse All-Stars were a hit!
Even Mack and Finn sported them (and the proud papas too!)

The dresses that the girls wore were beautiful. They were purchased on Etsy and each girl was able to tie them how they wanted. The sashes were a nice addition since it was a bit chilly during the ceremony.

The ceremony and reception were both held at Wine Country Gardens in Defiance, MO. The property was beautiful for all parts of the wedding, including taking pictures!

This was the tree of wisdom where people could write words of advice on a tag and hang it on the tree. Jackie's friend had this at her shower and she liked it so much that they brought it to the wedding!

Split Pea Jars
I love, love, love this idea so much that someday I will totally be stealing it. So simple. The stripped the labels off of ANY glass jars (Prego, pickles, applesauce, anything!) and then glued some twine around the top. Just fill with split peas and drop a tea light into them. Done!

Cork Name Tags
Just make a slice in the cork and insert the name tag!

Beautiful Mini Cake and Lots of Cup Cakes
They did the awesome idea that I told them about from Justin's cousin Adam's wedding. The idea - make a cupcake combo for each family member. It is great for blended families. John, Jackie, Ally, and Liv each picked a cupcake flavor, icing flavor, icing color, and made up a name. The result - 4 different fantastic cupcakes!!

Bark Centerpieces
John bought pieces of aspen bark off the web and then burned their initials into them!

Great job John and Jackie (and your creative, super helpful friends)!

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