Monday, May 2, 2011

Organization - Round 1

I have been wanting to organize like crazy lately. I guess it was the pack 'n play that had become a permanent fixture in our living room that tipped me over. I would pull out the toy on top for Macklin to play with and then toss it back in. Justin mentioned how he couldn't really get to his toys when he wanted them and I got sad and decided it was time. No more pack 'n play as a holding cell for toys. No more puzzles scattered in 5 different boxes. I needed to organize the toys around our house!

Mission - Organize all of these toys...

...and books!

Now we have a couple of canvas bins in Macklin's room.

The bookshelves are restocked or orderly!

We added a larger bin to the floor with only board books.

Still don't have a good place for these huge toys....Seriously, what do people do with these things? The worst part is that I feel as though this collection will only grow from here!

Two nice small baskets in the living room!

And even a bagful to give away!

Mission Accomplished!

1 comment:

  1. Those big toys will never have a "home". We just put ours in the same place every time we clean up and now Sam knows where they go. (i.e. our baseball, which is permanently on a stand and bat, cart and car garage.) I don't think there is a better option, unfortunately.
    Your organization looks great!