Sunday, July 31, 2011

Macklin's First Cardinals Game

Flashback to June:

Mimi and Papa took Macklin to his first Cardinals game while we were in St. Louis. It was a much anticipated event and we came prepared with one of Mack's tiny little Cards shirts! He ended up making it through 6 innings (way more than expected), had a great time, and left exhausted!

After seeing Fredbird (which he was relatively OK with, Mimi has the pics), we headed to the Kids Zone area and went to play in the little kid area. Kids had to wear socks or they couldn't play. Since Mack had sandals on, we had to be creative!

Thanks to Papa (the only one with socks at all), Macklin got to play!!!

Uncle and Kevin and Alex at the game with Macklin!

Mimi loved keeping Mack entertained with food!

Success! Thank you Mimi and Papa!

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