Sunday, July 31, 2011

Time with the Spragues

Flashback to June:

During our time in St. Louis, I had a blast hanging out with my family.
Here is a little photo documentation of our time together!

Girls Day Out - My mom took me and Ally to get our nails done.
(For the record, that "gel" stuff is crazy. I still have it on my toes to this day and finally just painted over it.)

Sprague Dinner Night = Do-it-Yourself Pizza Night

Macklin is getting lots of love!

Happy Birthday to John! You are 28 still, right?

I just love this picture with him!

Breakfast at Mimi and Papas!

We spent the afternoon at Ballwin Pool one day!

Macklin loved the fountain area for the babies!

We went to the Magic House for their free Tuesday Nights.
If you are going to St. Louis, the Magic House is a must hit location for kids! It was even more awesome taking Macklin through that I remember it as a kid!

He could have stayed in this same spot ALL night!
If we had a play room, this would be an awesome thing to have!
(You can tell it is the free night because of how loud it is in the background!)

We got one more day in with the fam over at John's house. Ally was showing off her skills!

Macklin just can't escape his cousins :)

Thank you to my family for graciously spending time with us when we were in town. I know our schedule is tough, but we can't tell you how much it means to us that we get to be with you all!

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