Friday, July 22, 2011

Slacker Blogger

So it has officially been over a month since my last post! My goodness, what have we been doing? Well, we went to STL all June (of which I did a great job documenting our Lake Vaca, but a poor job of documenting our STL portion of the come, I promise). Then we got home for 5 days (3 of which we did work days with our high school friends) and then headed to Silverthorne, CO to spend 4 days with Missouri buddies. We were home for 2 and a half days (one of which was another work day) and then headed to Young Life Camp at Castaway Club in Minnesota. We got back on Sunday and I just really checked email again today! We are doing a nightly Bible study (M-F) with all of our camp kids and that is dominating life right now. So....there you have it...the Brandt life. Serve God and take a breath when you can! More to come because there are so many awesome stories! Here is a brief look....

One of my favorites from STL, Macklin with his two cousins, Olivia and Ally.
I just love his face!

Macklin with his Grandpa on Father's Day with their matching new hats!

Vail Valley Young Life
46 campers, 8 leaders

Justin's Cabin

My (and my co-leader Bergon) Cabin

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  1. I was worried nothing exciting was happening in your guys' lives anymore! Glad to hear I'm wrong. Love the post, please don't make me wait another month for the next one!