Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hanging out with Grandma

Flashback to June:

We had a great time with Grandma Kathy while we were in St. Louis. We were able to take Macklin to do some pretty neat things!

Macklin's favorite place with his Grandma was Grant's Farm. This is another great St. Louis place that is FREE! Macklin loved everything from the trolly ride to petting the goats. We had to remind him to be more gentle with the goats than he is with Baxter ;)

Love this picture of them!

In between activities, Grandma loved to spend time with Macklin at her house!

Our other big adventure was to head out to Washington to see Aunt Beth's new home. She has a great yard for hosting and it was a blast to see everyone!

Macklin was able to play a bit with Madison (Laura's daughter).

Love this face!

Playing with Baxter. I love how it looks like Bax is smiling here!

Croquet Tourney (which I totally lost at, even after a great start).

Grandma and Mack on a walk.

Macklin found something fun in the driveway (I think it was a tiny hole filled with water).

Congrats to the newly engaged couple, Ashton and Nick!

All of the Kleekamp grandkids, spouses, and great-grandkids!
(Missing Greg, Andrew and his family)

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