Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving with D&K

Don and Kathy have been here since Tuesday and we have had a ton of fun together!

Tuesday night we went to Fiesta Jalisco's Mexican in Eagle. Macklin loves his salsa and queso!

Wednesday we went out to tree hunt and are convinced that we found the best tree yet!

During the days we have gotten to play with Mema and Grandpa doing everything from going to the park, taking baths, shooting hoops, checking out the paper (including sales), reading books, playing with cars, digging in the sandbox, cooking, eating a little, running around a lot, and tons of other things!

Thanksgiving morning Mema and Grandpa took care of Macklin while we got in a little workout and adventure. We (with Daniel and Ryan) skinned up Beaver Creek and skied/boarded our first official run of the season! Baxter looked good in his booties and pack with his new haircut!

For Thanksgiving Dinner, Kathy prepared a delicious meal for us and we definitely enjoyed it in good company! We are so grateful for our friends and family this holiday season!

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