Friday, November 25, 2011

Biggest Loser - Baxter Edition

Before Pics

Halfway Pic = The Lion

After Pics

Baxter has been in need of a haircut for about a year now :) Seriously, they say that you should groom your dog every 6 weeks, for real???? Who does that? Definitely not us. We do brush him and take care of him, but professional grooming is expensive and not the most convienent. Then, when you don't take your pup for a while, then you give up on the idea that he will not get matted. Well, Baxter was horribly matted and we just accepted the fact.

We did finally break down when we realized how bad winter would be with the snow building up on his matted fur when we played outside. After making the decision that we would have to shave him again (something I vowed never to do again after shaving him near his first birthday), I started trying to decide what we should do.

We always thought we could do it ourselves, but didn't have the proper clippers. We borrowed our friends "as seen on TV" doggie clipper set and that didn't cut a thing on Bax! We took it up a notch to the....sheep sheers! We borrowed it from a friend and it worked great! Check out the video of our efforts. The way the hair peeled back together is kinda gross, but Bax looks pretty good now. Justin is actually more happy with him this time as opposed to the first time because we didn't pay $80 (+ tip) to get it done! We could use some more trimming, it is not perfect. But I think we are just going to let it grow out and not worry about it.

Trying to figure out how to use a sheep sheer.

When we finally got the hang of it...

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