Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011 did not dissapoint. It was a great event for the Gnome Family! Justin asked last year for a Halloween costume that he could wear all day at school, unlike last year. Except for when he was blowing things up in his chemistry experiments (seriously) in which his beard was a fire hazard, I think I met the request! I loved putting together our gnome outfits and was happy with the results! Here is what I used:

I stitched the hats and made them from scratch (just red material and pillow stuffing but used a baseball cap with the brim cut off as my base).

Dress and shirt from Thrifty with lace
Braids made of yarn
Apron was a pillow case with a little paint and ribbon

Bought the beard (and made the eyebrows from it)
Overcoat is a ladies robe from Thrifty
Ladies turtleneck from Thrifty
Pants he owned already (and has used many times I might add)
Belt was borrowed from a former student and duck tape added

Pants and rain boots he already owned
Shirt we snagged from the Thrifty but he will use again.
Suspenders just made of ribbon with buttons hot glued on
Beard (with eyebrows) we bought

Here are a few other pictures:
My favorite costume from the school contest (protesters)
Our pumpkins
Hanging out at the church Harvest Festival with Cayle (left) and of course Daniel

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