Sunday, November 10, 2013

Eagle Valley Young Life - Fall 2013

Young Life has been one wild ride this fall! I want to give a quick overview of our semester so that you can get a glimpse into our lives. The Lord has answered our prayers in growing our leader team - we have 8 leaders this year! We have a large group of senior girls and an increasing group of senior guys that are helping to plan our weekly clubs. Justin has been doing a great job with empowering them to lead the group. Our club numbers have been way up this year. Above is the picture from our Dodgeball Club last Wednesday (over 120 kids). The pictures below include one from our Mud Volleyball night and then one from our Halloween Club. We are not lacking for fun events around Young Life, that is for sure! 

Here are two games that we have done with kids this fall. The one below is boys racing to lick Ritz crackers off of a plastic board (disregard the horrible outfits...remember, these are goofy high school boys). The lower one is girls (blinded and on a dudes shoulders) attempting to dip a doughnut in chocolate syrup and then feed the poor boy laying on the ground at Duck Dynasty Club. 

What we love more than the goofiness of Young Life is the relationships. We get to hang out with our high school friends and be a part of their lives. They let us in on what is going on and we get to point them to Jesus and teach them to follow the Bible. Below are some of our Campaigner kids (kids that already have a relationship with Jesus) that chalked the school entrance for a club night. They want their friends to come to YL and hear about Jesus too. 

Tuesday mornings are one of my favorite times of the week. We (my friend and fellow YL leader Jade...third head back on the left) have 18 girls (we have 6-10 on a normal week) that have our book for our morning Bible study (mostly senior girls). It is a blast to be able to talk about how the Bible relates to our lives and points us to freedom in a relationship with Jesus. I love the questions that come up each week as their hearts yearn for truth. What a sweet group of girls!

Pray for Eagle Valley Young Life 
We would LOVE for you to join with us in prayer for our ministry. 
Here are some things that you could pray about...
-Kids to sign up for our winter camp trip (Nov 22-24) called Polar Bear Weekend at Frontier Ranch
-Campaigner kids to be bold in loving their friends and representing Christ at school
-More leaders to love EVHS kids! 
-God would allow leaders to keep meeting new kids in and out of school 
-For former YL students that are in college now... for their faith to grow, for them to be challenged, for them to surround themselves with quality people

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