Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fall Events

So many fun times during the Fall in Colorado that it makes it my favorite season! Just seems like you get to enjoy the surroundings and you can't help but appreciate God's creation when you look around you! Here are some of the fun things we have gotten to do in the past three weeks. 

Gypsum's Fall Festival
Chalk another event up to the free family events in Gypsum (love this town). Macklin said, "Mommy, why don't I have my costume on?" "Because Mommy missed the memo. Sorry buddy." Good thing he doesn't stay on one topic too long. Costume or not, the kids had a great time. Carnival games, bouncy castles, candy, prizes, and one HUGE pile of leaves to run through (intentionally dropped in the middle of the park). It was cold but a blast! 


Oh, and a flash mob doing Thriller in the middle of the concert! 

Fresh Cookies and Playdates
Trevan came over a last week to play with the kids while his family moved. It was a blast. Mack and Trevan play so well together. While we did get some work done, fresh cookies were the highlight of the afternoon together. 

Another playdate with Corbynn later in the week was enjoyed by all as well! The Leonard Family was on the move last week as well! 

Fun Festive Lunches
Where did this spider come from!?

Making Halloween Cookies for Our Friends
I think this is funny with the Mr and the Mrs (thanks to Van and Laine to these awesome and well loved wedding gifts!). 

Fall Leaves
I love this picture of Macy. While we have done two full rake-ups of the yard already, you would never guess! I really enjoy our trees all summer long, but the fall does bring about a lot of work! 

Our Thankful Tree
We did this last year with Macklin and really enjoyed it. Our first tag was for Daddy and Macy was the next one today. We will go all the way through Thanksgiving with this one! 

Climbing Trees

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