Monday, November 11, 2013

No Thank You Bite

We have a thing in our house called the "No thank you" bite. Macklin must take at least one bite of every type of food on his plate. If he doesn't care for it, then he may say "no thank you." It seems like a good idea to me. Be respectful. Be considerate of your awesome mommy (grandma, mema, mimi, etc) for making yummy food (although it may be more yummy to you in 10 years...or maybe 20). Learn to try new things. All of that is a good idea until he pukes on your table at dinner! 

Yes, this did indeed happen this week...and it was the third time that it has happened over the last six months! I think that Mack gets himself worked up about the food (normally a vegetable). He thinks about the fact that he does not like that food. When it goes in his mouth, he normally holds it in there for a bit and then gags. Out it comes. Then, Justin and I cover the surprise and laughter on our faces as we go get a rag to clean up. Macklin perfectly finishes the situation with a polite, "No thank you, mommy. I didn't like that." 

One fact to add to the story. Last week at MOPS I learned that it may take kids up to 20 times of tasting a food until they like it. I am not sure I can go 19 rounds of mushrooms before he finally swallows one. 

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