Saturday, April 30, 2011

No Meet = Saturday Randomness

Since EVHS track did not have a meet today (varsity ran yesterday and the JV meet I was planning to go to got canceled), I had an unoccupied Saturday and didn't quite know what to do!

Good thing my sweet friend Kari came to the rescue and suggested that we skin up Vail Mountain. Me, Kari and Melissa made it almost all the way up to the top of the gondola. I am very grateful for their patience with me since I have only skinned once in the last two years. The weather started nice, turned into a blizzard, and then ended slightly sunny. Baxter was so worn out that I could hardly get him down the mountain! Some of those factors led to a slow moving Brandt clan, but in the end it is still sweet to get out and enjoy the mountain!

Then I got to go see some of my high school friends for Prom 2011 (Mack dressed the part). They all looked so nice and were so excited for a fun night out!

After the prom pics, it was back home for some laundry time...blah...but Justin was at Prom chaperoning (and made $100 I might add as he filled in for another guy that didn't want to work!).

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