Monday, August 27, 2012

August in Gypsum

Playing in the yard today I got to snap a couple of good pics! Oh how I love grass! 

Wow, time flies! After getting back from Hawaii, life has hit full force! Cross country is already two weeks into our season. We had a great retreat and are getting ready for our first meet on Friday. Justin has taught his first three days of the 2012-2013 school year and had a week of teacher prep before that. Life with two babies at home is go-go-go and I have to plan my down time accordinly or nothing gets done! I passed on a camping trip with the guys this weekend due to my horrible nightly cough, but I was productive here at home. I organized my pics from the last month and am ready to catch up on some blogging! Here are some random ones from August in Gypsum! 

What do you do when you miss the beach/pool/hot tub from Hawaii??? Play in the sink of course! 
Macy is just chillin' in the swing! 

My sweet college friend Tracy paid us a visit before her sister's wedding. I love her so much and it was great to have her at the house and meet Macy. 

Macy and her bff Lindy. They coordinated their outfits for this dinner together ;)

Justin took me out for a night in Vail for my birthday. We listened to a really good jazz concert and then went to the Chophouse for dinner. He made me a customized card (loved it!) and we finished the night with some ice cream (loved that too!). Oh and he also got me a night's stay and spa package for when xc is over (he told me I couldn't go now because I wouldn't relax...I would just think about the season...he knows me too well). I have one good hubby! 

Just hanging out around the house! 

Where's Macklin? He has been loving his stuffed animals lately! 

Speaking of stuffed animals....look what came from Grandma????
This Tigger has been at Grandma's house since Justin gave it to me when we were about 16 years old. I slept with it until we got married and now Macklin can play with it! So fun to have a life-sized stuffed animal! I even got some video footage! 

Lunch date with Melissa. It is so fun to be able to let Macklin play a bit on his own at the park these days. That means I can actually TALK to a friend while we are there! Super! 

 Meeting baby Isaac for the first time at a mommy group last week. 
This is Bergon's son. He is almost a month old! 

Ben Turns Two
Macy and I stopped by Ben's 2nd birthday party. Ben is buddies with Mack but since Mack was out of town, we attended on his behalf. He is a little cutie and his mom made some cutie duck cupcakes! What a rock star! 

Here is Mack playing but is also a little sneak of the yard. 
More pics to come! That is on my agenda to blog about soon.

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