Monday, August 27, 2012

YL Auction 2012

A couple of weeks ago, we had our 1st Annual Vail Valley Young Life "Light Up the Night" Benefit Auction. Now, I have never gone to one of these fancy things before, but this was A-MAZING! We are talking le-git set up at Beaver Creek, complete with live and silent auction items and Brandon Heath and Matt Wertz in concert. It was a top notch event, with a personal touch, that I think will grow a ton in this valley in years to come.  
(I say that like I know about these things....really I just thought it was awesome and I know God put talented people in charge and He is doing big things with the high school kids in this valley...not that I actually know what donors want or what kind of events they attend.)

Fun VVYL Backdrop Pics! 

Brandon and Matt

Our Campaigner girls got to give them cookies in the middle of the concert! 

Our Campaigner kids with Brandon and Matt

My favorite part of the night is where we share a little personal bit about VVYL with our guests. These are called Cardboard Testimonies. On one side is a description of a kids life before starting a relationship with Jesus. On the back is a statement about their life walking with Jesus now. It was super emotional for me as a leader and I even helped them come up with some of them. But to see the kids step out, be bold and hold those signs up in front of members from their community was powerful! Try to see all the flip sides in the two pics below. It will blow you away! 

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