Monday, August 27, 2012

Fanciest Dinner Party of My Life

Mowin' on the Mountain
(like chowing down, not like cutting grass ;)

The Occassion: Our friend Andy is leaving us. He says that he likes to love his friends by cooking for them, so we got to reap the benefits! 

The Location: On top of a mountain top, a 10 minute hike behind Maliot Park in Minturn. 
(Our friends seriously trekked all of this gear up there!)

The Setting: Established by Kari and Haliee. Andy was inspired by Outstanding in a Field, but honestly I think they put the website to shame. K&H noticed how hard Andy was working, so they worked even harder to put together the perfect table and surroundings! All of that while getting rained on 30 minutes before we were all coming. The water just added to the look! 

Even places for the bar and chief! 

The Meal: All courses have been documented. Check out the menu!

The corn soup with chicken was my favorite! 

The Fun: We were required to change seats after each course. There also happened to be a meteor shower during dessert....I think Andy planned that too! It was a great bunch - some of Andy's friends from home, some random connections, and some dear friends. 


One fun night...thank you Andy! 

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