Friday, December 23, 2011

Braggin' Rights

My grandparents came in town today to go to the Mizzou-Illinois Braggin' Rights basketball game. This has been a great annual tradition for us and we have been especially enjoying it in the last three years as Mizzou has been winning! It is fun that half of the family are Illinois fans (grandma, grandpa and dad are all alums) and half are Mizzou fans (Justin, Kevin, and Alex are all alums, I am married in) and then there is my mom (who is clearly non-committal about her loyalties as she is wearing red on purpose).

Before hand, John and Liv joined us for dinner. Macklin loved their little dog Sugar!

Here is a pic of my brother Kevin, my dad, and my grandpa.
My mom thinks they look so much alike that she took this to enter it into a father-son look alike contest for the St. Louis paper. I will have to keep you posted if they win!

Earlier in the day, Mimi took us to go swimming at the Lifetime pool. I have never been much of a gym girl as I love to be out running so much. But, dang, Lifetime Fitness is quite the place to go to the gym. I feel like you get spoiled with everything. My mom said there were towels there so clearly we didn't bring any. After swimming I said, "Oh man, what am I going to do with my suit because normally I wrap it up in my towel?" My mom said I could put it in the machine to wring it out and then have a bag to put it in....all right there in the family locker room! I know it is little, but I feel like they have everything covered there!

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