Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sprague Christmas

Christmas with the Spragues was a hit this year!
And, how can it not be when you walk into this????
So many fun things to cherish from this special day with my family.
First, my mom didn't stress about a big meal this year and got to hang and watch all of the presents be open
= total success! Never look back Mom!
Second, a huge family trip was revealed, but needs a whole post to discuss
= huge success!
Third, just watching all of my family open up fun gifts and be excited to bless each other
= success!
Check out some pics of the day...

John with his nail gun and mom with her new George Forman.
The girls loving on Mack!
I love my mom!

The girls got the most random gift of the day - girls mustaches (so funny for me!).
Mom and dad got the most thoughtful gift - an Appalachian Trail sign made by John.
Macklin would debate that all of his gifts were the best, tunnel included!

Justin loved his new Farmer John wetsuit!
The girls and their American Girl dolls.
The Sprague ladies in matching gloves!

Ally and Liv sporting their new hat and gloves.
Mack with his wheelies (that come out every hour at home!).
Mack opening gifts with Papa.

Thank you so much for a wonderful and memorable Christmas!

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