Sunday, December 18, 2011

Brandt Christmas

We completed 11 hours of driving on Saturday (and stopped in KC to stay with Zuke, it was good to see you chica!) and 4 more on Sunday to arrive at the Brandt Christmas in Pacific, MO. Macklin did really well in the car...thank goodness! He was upset for about 50 minutes total on Saturday and not really at all today! What a joy it is to have a happy camper in the back seat. And, while we did do some entertaining, we didn't sit with him the whole time in the back like we did this summer. He really enjoys reading books, playing with his cars, and (most of all) playing games on the IPad. He is a trooper!

The Brandt Christmas was a blast today! After the fact, when thinking that the day was very chill, we realized that we had 5 hours together while everyone was there! That is much longer than in years past and it was nice! We got to play around for a while (including karaoke :) Then we opened gifts and then had a great fried chicken dinner (I think Justin ate 7 pieces)! It was a blast to be with Justin's family. Macklin even took a 2 hour nap so that let us chat and play games with the girls.

Thank you to the Brandt family for blessing him with your love!

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