Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nordic Skiing

I finally got my nordic ski gear (a Christmas gift from last year) and I am ready to roll. I was so pumped to get out that Daniel and I went up Valley Rd (well, when you get that far it is really Gypsum Creek Rd I think) and sought out some snow. After going, I would say that maybe we shouldn't have gone so early in the season as my new skis did take a little beating. But, overall I am glad we got out and I can start to learn this sport!

It it is for sure way harder than I thought, especially being prego and pulling Macklin! Daniel was nice enough to pull Mack up the road, and I brought him back down (the easy part but still kinda tricky!). I feel a few times, which made my sad because I got my shinny new boots all dirty, and not to mention a few bruises :( I still have yet to find the rhythm but I think that will come in time.

I did learn that my sweet boy loves me! Any time I would fall (which was only like 3 times but still) he would get really upset and concerned. I have to be sure to watch my reactions so that he feels calm and confident of his mommy's skills!

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