Friday, December 30, 2011

HAWAII 2012!!!!!

Six Happy People!!!

My parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary on December 12th. In honor of that special occasion, they wanted to spend more time with the family by taking us on a trip together. Now, we have done some super special trips in the past and have really enjoyed every minute of them (Costa Rica in 2007, Ski Trip out here in 2009). I had a feeling that the 30th trip would be a super big one...and boy was I right! We are headed to HAWAII this summer!

We are super excited and super grateful to have the chance to travel there. I am not going to say that I am not a bit concerned about traveling with two babies by that point, but it will totally be worth it!

The fun part about the trip is how it was presented to us at Christmas. My parents made 12 different "clue bags" with goodies in them for each of us that we got to open along Christmas day! It was a blast. Here is a peak!

Clue 1 - Bottle of Sand

Clue 2 - Visors
(By far the funniest of them all as they were a bit flimsy!)
(And, of course Baby Cheese got a goodie from each bag too!)

Clue 3 - Sunscreen

Clue 4 - Sand Toys

Clue 5 - Flip Flop Keychains

Clue 6 - Palm Tree

Clue 7 - Airline Peanuts

Clue 8 - Wings
("earning your wings" for the little kids)

Clue 9 - LEIS!!!!
(until this point, we didn't know if it was actually Hawaii or not!)

Clue 10 - Battleship Boat

Clue 11 - Lodging

Clue 12 - The Invitation to Join Mom and Dad in HAWAII!!!! (in top pic)

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