Sunday, March 17, 2013

MOPS Playdate

We were able to have a perfect little MOPS playdate at our house on Friday. The weather was still pretending it was spring. Our yard was all cleaned up (not yet green, but clean) and we filled it with babies! What a fun day and what a great reminder of how grateful I am for our lovely outdoor space. Thank you to my hard working husband and friends that helped with the labor. I can't wait to enjoy it more and more this summer. 

Every time I have a playdate with my MOPS friends, I always try to get out my camera. It just seems that as moms, we can get carried away in our daily tasks that we don't take time to just smile with our kids. That is what I tried to capture today and I just love some of these shots! 


We did celebrate this young man's 5th birthday! 


Baxter looking for leftovers. 

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