Sunday, March 31, 2013


What a fun Easter season for the Brandts! We have been talking about Jesus dying on the cross and rising for a few weeks now. Even though Macklin knew what Easter was about, it didn't help much once the candy started coming in. Today, as he was upset that he couldn't eat more candy, we had this conversation...
Mack: Can I have this candy?
Me: No, you may have more after church. 
Mack: But I want this candy.
Me: Macklin, what is Easter about?
Mack: Jesus dying for us.
Me: Right, so let's focus on that.
Mack: No Jesus, I want this candy! Can I have this candy?
(Repeat entire conversation two more times until we got to church. Good thing we live close!)

Easter cookies from last week. I learned that trying to roll out cold dough is not very successful. 

Easter started for us last week when our sweet grandparents started sending fun packages! They kids loved them and Macklin always wanted to see what was in them right away. 

Goodies from Grandpa and Mema
You introduced Macklin to Peeps - marshmallows will never be the same again. 

Goodies from Grandma 
Justin really enjoyed seeing the Peter Rabbit books again and Macklin wants the egg candle on his birthday cake this week. 

Easter Baskets from Mimi and Papa
We opened these this morning. Macklin enjoyed going through each egg to see what was in there and then helping Macy go through hers as well. Macklin said "Shakers, just like story time!" He was excited about those and we already started growing the grass. 

 Easter at the Brummers
We had a hard morning with the kids. Macklin was not obeying very well and Macy was just not in a happy mood for our lunch. But, we are still celebrating Jesus and that doesn't change with my kids attitudes :) Here are a few pictures of the fun that we had with friends after church. 

Happy Macy & Sad Macy

2nd Official Family Easter Picture (as a family of 4)

Easter Egg Hunt - Macklin was way more excited about opening the few he had then finding more. 

More Kids Looking for Eggs


Oh sweet baby Logan, how you get cuter each time I see you! 


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