Sunday, March 24, 2013

Track Season

The track season is officially in full swing. We have had two meets now and are excited for what is to come this season. I am again coaching the distance squad (milers and 2 milers). I am working closely with the mid-distance coach (also my xc assistant) to see where our kids could do the most this year. At our meet in Grand Junction this past weekend, we won the boys side and didn't even put in about 100 points worth of kids! The girls have some solid contenders but I am not sure that we will be deep enough to compete with some of our regional powerhouse teams for the league title...but it is still early. We have a lot of kids on both sides that are set to do some really big things this season.  

Here is our team warming up at our first meet at Montrose. We brought about 85 kids and had tons out this weekend with conflicts. I am the "warm up crazy coach" for being particular about what kids wear during warm ups. We sure did look sharp though! Teams were intimated...and they should have been. We won this meet on both the girls and the guys side by a large margin! 

Here I am with two of our 800 runners. We have a rule on the team that if you lose your sweats and Coach Brandt finds them, you owe me ice cream. Now, normally this means a small 99 cent sundae from McDonalds. These boys ran into City Market to get me a full half gallon of ice cream! They definitely made me laugh when they said, "This is for next week too!" Way to think ahead. 

Last week we branched out and I took my crew down into the Glenwood Canyon to hit up an old Jeep trail on the north side of the highway. We did our warm up into the Canyon on this bike trail...we are rebels for sure! 

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