Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sunny Days in March

This past week has brought some sunny days - perfect for playing outside! Macy has started using the little car that Macklin loved. And, what a surprise, she loves it too! She still has not really figured out how to "drive" it. She rides down the sidewalk in shock with both hands out in front in the air (like in one of the pics below). Macklin is still enjoying his Strider bike. He is way fast now and I have to run to keep up. He is doing a good job of stopping at street crossings. He surprises me most of the time on his last minute stops and then his look at me like "What, you thought I wasn't going to stop?" 

Life is always interesting when your big brother is pushing you around the yard. 

But still very enjoyable! 

Polo shirts, gym shorts, and cowboy boots = a 2 year old that dresses himself after his nap

Spring time brings spring babies! Welcome baby Caden! 

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