Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stomach Bug

I think this may be the worst picture ever posted of myself on this blog :) After a crazy last 48 hours, this is the only one that was taken...good thing! 

We were caught by a 24-hour stomach bug over the past couple of days. It hit Macy first on Saturday night. She was a mess in the arms of her sweet daddy when I came home from my track meet. She had gotten sick at a funeral at church. Sick again in the car ride home. And then, sick every 20 minutes between 7-9pm. She finally settled in after that and got a pretty good nights sleep, even taking a bottle in the middle of the night. 

No big deal I thought, my baby is sick and my heart breaks, but we will move on. Sunday was a fun family day. Monday came around. All is good....until....our friends left from a little playdate (still praying they are not sick)....then I went down. When I get out of the bathroom, Macklin says "Mommy, my tummy hurts." Ten minutes later, Macklin gets sick up and down the hallway. Then I get sick cleaning up his sickness....that is when we called in for reinforcement. Good thing Justin was having a teacher work day at school (no students) and he came to our rescue pronto. We both were sick all day. I laid in bed for 5 straight hours, missed practice, canceled a variety of events. It was sad....until it got more sad. As I was getting ready to get Macy dinner, Justin laid down on the couch and started feeling bad. He felt worse over night and then stayed home from school today! 

We were a mess! Good thing Macy felt better. I don't know that I could clean up after another at the same time! But, I did learn from these past couple of days. I learned to be grateful for our health, each day. I learned that I have a husband that will do whatever I need him to. I learned that I hate watching my babies feel bad. We are on the rise! 

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