Friday, December 6, 2013

Grandma's Visit

Grandma is Here!
We are so grateful that Grandma came to visit. She came at this time because we asked her to hang with the kids for the weekend while we attend our winter camp for Young Life that we call Polar Bear Weekend. We were able to play all together for the few days before we left (amongst the late YL sign ups and camp preparations) and then she had precious Grandma Time with the kids over the weekend. We had a morning at the Glenwood Hot Springs, played at the parks, took our Christmas card pic, ate lots of yummy food (Grandma spoils us), and just enjoyed having Grandma around. 

Late Night Snow Ball Fight
What do you do at 9pm when you 3 year old is still wide awake??? You have a snowball fight of course! After winding down for the night, we noticed how much the snow was accumulating! Grandma said that she wanted to go sit on the porch and watch the snow fall. I suggested that we all join her and prolong bed time a bit (Macy was already asleep). What followed was one rowdy (and loud, sorry to my neighbors) and fantastic time! We played football, threw snowballs, tried to make a snowman, made snow angels, went down the was awesome! I never want to be so busy or occupied that I miss these moments with my family. 

Thanksgiving Celebration
Grandma taught Macklin about the Pilgrims while she was here and they made precious hats! 

Grandma's Birthday
Due to expensive ticket prices, we did not get to keep Grandma all the way through her birthday, but we still celebrated! Grandma got a new Colorado calendar and a lovely new blue sweater! We sung her  Happy Birthday and eat yummy brownies! We can't wait to see her again over Christmas! 

Thank you so much Kathy! We are so grateful for your love for our children and for your support of our ministry. We appreciate you! 

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