Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 & Tree Cutting

Our Thanksgiving Day started by getting ready for Christmas! Funny how the two can merge so quickly. I love both holidays so much that I wish they were further apart so you could more fully enjoy each of them!

Since Justin is still recovering from his knee surgery (meniscus), Daniel and I took the kids out around Minturn to find out annual beauty! Daniel had a great system to share as he tied the tree to the chariot and pulled it back to the truck. Macy took a little snooze as we searched and Macklin was a great helper! 


We have actually been preparing for Thanksgiving all month with our Thankful Tree. Now it is time for the big day! We enjoyed our meal with our good friend the Bangtsons in Minturn. They made the turkey and everyone else brought something yummy. I tried really hard to get a group picture, got everyone gathered, and then my camera was on the wrong settings. So, no group pic this time. We just enjoyed our meal. Our night ended with some awesome games and then off to Gypsum for everyone (except me, who crashed at their house and did Black Friday shopping the next day in Silverthorne!). 

Christmas here we come! 

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