Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Imagination Station

A few weeks ago, Susie, Karley and I took the kids to the Imagination Station in the Vail Lionshead Parking Structure. We had heard mixed reviews on this facility, but I was so impressed! It was just a fun play room with unique toys. We ended up arriving too close to lunch time, but fun was had by all of the kids! They also offer arts and craft time on Mondays and Fridays from 10-2, which we just happened to catch. With the clay projects and all of the enjoyable toys for only $5/kid, we decided that we would for sure come back multiple times this winter. 

The electronic touch wall was so fun. Lots of games that you can chose from. My two favorites were black out (touch every square as fast as you can and it times you) and the ball hit (a square lights up and you throw a ball at it). 

Penny funnel with free coins to put through! 

Magnate wall with ramps and accessories. Also the light up tables for building on. 

Time for clay creations. 

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