Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Macklin's 2nd Season Skiing

Macklin did a great job at his first day on the mountain for 2013. We did get in between 6-8 days last season and now are off to an active start! It is so obvious how much more coordinated he is this season than he was last year. He just stood up and took off once his skis were on. He still has no idea how to stop or turn, but he is much more comfortable than last year. We hit four loops on the magic carpet and then headed all the way to the bottom (on ropes with me). We will have to fix our Edgie-Wedgie and get back out there next time to add some more skills to Mack's toolbox. 

We are still uncertain as to our ski situation for this year. We borrowed this from a friend to get him on the mountain this day. We managed to snag everything else (helmet, boots, googles) from the Thrifty Shop for $35 but could not find skis. I think we will buy them for this year (so we can pass them down in the future). The good part - we have the next size waiting for him for the future due to some generous YL friends. 

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