Tuesday, March 18, 2014

2014 Track Season Underway

With new warm ups and new uniforms on the way, the track season for EVHS is underway. We are already in week four and have survived our first meet with 151 athletes on the team! It is by far our largest team that we have ever had…ever. We are figuring out how to manage and run meets with this many kids. My crew is awesome as normal. Just taking in the brisk morning sun after mile repeats on a Saturday workout. 

We did end up taking 120 athletes with us to Montrose last weekend. Both teams (guys and gals) killed it and scored over 600 points along the way (that is unheard of). They looked sharp and did a  great job in their first meet. This weekend we have to attend three separate meets to get everyone in. 

Favorite moment of the meet: Two football players that were out for the team for the first time as seniors were running the 100M Dash. One guy is about 5'10" and about 200lbs (but totally ripped) was starting with no blocks and in tennis shoes. Just so much of a boy in one crouched position. The other had spikes and blocks, but was squirmy. Gun goes off and they both take off. One other kid from our team in the same heat ends up false-starting and gets disqualified. They shoot the gun a second time meaning the race has been stopped but neither of those guys knows what it means. Each ran about 85M before catching on that something was weird. It gets better….They come back and the started gives them about 5 minutes to regroup and such. The bigger guy sees his buddy on the sidelines eating a burrito. So he goes over (while waiting for the restart) and eats a bite of his burrito. The starter calls them back to the line and our kid is still chewing. Now he is in his crouched position, with tennis shoes, and no blocks AND CHEWING his burrito. Gun goes off and I swear he has not swollowed yet. He makes it through the 100M race but both of them say the first start was much better than the second…funny kids! 

Racing shoes have are quite fancy these days! Very different from the ones I used in terms of style! 

Stretching in practice - just an action shot for ya. 

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