Saturday, March 1, 2014

Macklin Can Ski

While my family was here, Papa graciously offered to put Macklin in the Beaver Creek Children's Ski School while we were on the mountain. I was hoping that this would be just the push over the edge to get him going….I was right!!! After spending about six or so days on the mountain with him, I think he had the foundation to pick it up in this setting. 

Here is the general (don't quote me) format of ski school for 3 year olds:
9-10am Check In & Play Time
10-10:30am Indoor Lesson (learn your gear, commands, etc)
10:30-11:15am Magic Carpet Ski Time (see picture below)
11:15am Snack Time
11:30-12:30pm Magic Carpet Ski Time
12:30-1pm Lunch
1-1:45pm Ski Time
1:45pm Snack Time
2-3pm Ski Time

The first day we spied on Macklin in the mid day session and saw him on the tiny magic carpets with all of the other little guys. I was happy to find out that he did learn to stop (making him a Level 1) and was able to go up on the gondola. He was super happy to get a pin that said "I rode the Buckeroo Express" after the first day. He skied down in a line with his class!!!! After talking to his sweet instructor Ashley, she said that he would make huge gains again if we could bring him back the next day. 

Macklin was up for it and we brought him to Ski School with Ashley for Saturday as well. He totally rocked it! He had to prove his knowledge on the magic carpet for his first run. Then he skied with his class nearly the whole day and earned Level 2 status (meaning that he can turn). He was given the Super Star pin for that accomplishment. We stalked him again at the end of the day and snapped these pictures. He was the tiniest one in his class for sure, but he was in the mix!

He was even up for a little extra run with the family and that was the highlight of our day! 

Bonus Update:
I had the opportunity to take Macklin out yesterday (first day since ski school) and he was a ROCK STAR! We went up the gondola and did a run down to the two-man chair. Went up that and headed back down to the big Centennial lift. Then we went all the way down Cinch (cat track down the front of the mountain) and hit two blue trails (pieces of the trail as a cut through instead of zig-zagging more on Cinch). I was like a glowing momma! It was so much fun! We went through the Bear Cave, the TP, and the Aurora Gold Mine tunnel. He loved it! It was great to have his buddy Trevan to be skiing the four inches of fresh powered with as he encouraged Macklin. At one point, Macklin just kept repeating "Skiing the powder! Skiing the powder!"

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