Sunday, March 30, 2014

Throwback Sunday?

Yes, I have a throw back. Not quite a TBT, but kinda….

With the kids birthday party coming up tomorrow, I realized that I never finished publishing the pictures from their last party. Yes, that is right. I am thinking about a blog post from a year ago. Sometimes when we have such big fun things happen in our life, I get overwhelmed with the documentary side of things. I think that I will always have more time later to completely and thoroughly share the highlights of the event. Well, 335ish days later…that time has come at 1am. I felt like I couldn't share about their next party if I never finished this one. It was a fun day and a great time together with Grandma and her sister Beth…why has this not gotten accomplished yet? It has now! Enjoy a flashback and hopefully it won't take this long for our party tomorrow :)

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