Monday, April 14, 2014

Alex's Kitchen Bridal Shower

Congrats to Alex and Kevin! My brother is getting married to the lovely Alex this summer and I flew home to help my mom host a shower for her at my parents house. 

We decided on a kitchen theme since they love to cook so much. It was an awesome event for Alex to be with all of my family's friends to celebrate their marriage. Here are some of the details:

We played the Spice It Up game that we got from our Etsy invites. I loved how all of the paper products turned out! In this game, you had to pick the spice based on looking at it. It was actually quite tricky! 

We also played a game where Alex walked out with an apron on and we had to recall all 19 things on her apron. Alex was a good sport! 

Finally, after the gifts were opened, we found the answers to our "Alex or Kevin" game. We listed 19 statements and guests had to see if they applied to Alex or Kevin. We used the mustaches and lips to indicate the guess. Then we had Kevin and Alex answer them for us together. It was really fun to see them play together. 

My mom picked up some yummy cupcakes and had quite the spread for the guests. 

Have you ever seen soap look this good?

Outside Sign

The Guests
Alex with her mom and one of her three sisters, Amy

All of the ladies - my grandma, my sister-in-law Jackie and her mom, my mother-in-law Kathy, my two nieces Ally and Liv, my aunt Laurie along with numerous friends.

So great to hang out with these awesome girls! 

My best childhood friend, Jessica Zuke - So fun that she came in for the shower. 

The Cookbook
My mom gave my older brother and I a family cookbook for our weddings. In the years since, Kevin has asked on numerous occasions to have a recipe. My mom responds by saying, "It's in the Sprague Cookbook." To which Kevin asks, "When do I get this cookbook?" Mom says, "When you get married." Well Kevin, ask no more! You have one! And it has grown in size since mine! 

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