Thursday, April 3, 2014

Macklin is 4!

Macklin is officially a four-year-old. And, I have been a mom for four years! How crazy is that!???

We made his day special today with balloons and presents this morning and fun friends all day long! Macklin had gifts from all of his grandparents to open as well as a new LeapReader from us (his first one got dropped in the toilet after Christmas but he enjoyed it so much we just had to replace it). Shorts, games, toys, legos, paint markers, and monster trucks were some of the incredible items that he received. 

We headed to story time at 10am where the librarian gave him a special birthday hat and we all sang to him! We enjoyed friends at the park and had his buddy Briggs over for lunch with his family. 

Tonight we hosted the Talbots for a cook out since Jaxson was unable to attend his party on Monday. They really enjoy playing together. We had our final celebration, ate cupcakes (designed by Macklin) and played with more new goodies! What a special day! 

Jaxson, Mack, Macy, Abbie, and Jayson

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