Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kite Flying & Birthday Gifts

We had a few more pictures of birthday gifts that I wanted to share! 

One special gift that Macklin and Macy were excited to pick out…kites! These are their first kites and they used Grandpa and Mema's birthday money to buy them! Macklin just looked at it in the box until the weather was suitable for flying and daddy had time to take him while I was coaching. 

Showing off all of their birthday cards. 

Macy's New Tupperware Party Set. Who likes it more…Daniel or Macy?

New Sunglasses

Singing happy birthday to Macy at story time. 

Macklin's new Cardinal gear! 

Designing new monster trucks. 


Opening gifts at breakfast = so fun!!!

Macy is rocking her shoes that she got at Christmas from Uncle Kevin…they finally fit and the weather is ready for them! 

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