Monday, April 28, 2014

EVHS Prom 2014

Eagle Valley's prom night is always a fun one for me as a Young Life leader as I get to see so many girls enjoying themselves and spending time together. I was able to visit some friends as they got ready to go and they looked beautiful! Many runners and YL'ers in these pics. 

The Prom Committee did a great job setting up the dance that I had to brag on it a bit. It is not like my own prom, where there was dinner and a grand ballroom, but it is awesome and improving each year. EVHS does not include dinner, just a fancy dance. It is held in an airplane hanger at the Vail Valley Jet Center. The Committee did a great job transforming the space! What a great theme as well! 

I had to show off my "flapper" dress from freshmen year of high school. We had a Roaring 20's theme for homecoming that year and my mom made me this dress. I have kept it in our costume boxes since we have been married and it has actually made many appearances. This night may have been the best though! I loved getting to wear it again as a chaperone! 

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