Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Birthday, Twin

Happy Birthday to my little brother Kevin! Yes, I just posted this picture. We were probably 9 & 10 years old in this picture, in the height of my tom-boy years. I am on the right, if you can't tell. 

Kevin and I were playmates through out our childhood. I convinced him to play soccer and have races at every chance I had. He showed me how to build crazy cool things out of K'Nex. We battled in basement Nerf wars. In high school we went to dances in the same groups a couple of times. We have only lived in the same town for a year out of the last 11, but I still cherish his friendship. From ski trips to traveling out of the country with our family together, we have so many fun experiences together. 

Some of my favorite things about my brother:
-He never seemed phased by looking alike as a child (brothers, that is)
-He has always been way smarter than me and doesn't even have to try. 
-He is a good hugger. 
-He can still rip down a ski slope on his board regardless of how many times a year he gets out. 
-He would fly across the country for you if you needed him. 
-He is bringing an awesome lady into our family!
-We can chat about math together :)
-He is always game for any family activities. 
-He is a great cook. 
-He can talk to you about almost anything and has probably read a book on it. 
-He enjoys traveling and actually does it often. 
-He loves to make others feel welcomed and special. 
-He is up for adventures. 
-He is really good at finding great restaurants and unique places. 
-He still asks me to crack his back. 
(That is just a few)

Next big event - Kevin's wedding this summer. See you tomorrow for your wedding shower. 

I love you Kevin! Thanks for being a great brother! 

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