Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Boat Pool Party

Yesterday we hosted Macklin and Macy's birthday party at the Gypsum Rec Center. The GRC is a great place to host a party and the rental fees are very reasonable. We used the large party room and had a pool party. The kids have been enjoying their toy boats (from Target, less than $2 each) in the hot tub over the winter, so I thought we would incorporate that into their party. My parents were gracious enough to find me 20 boats from the St. Louis Target stores and send them my way. They made for great table decor and the kids loved having a new toy right away! All of the other party goodies are from Oriental Trading Co

I saw the precious boat jello cups, so we used those as our treat instead of cake or cupcakes (saving those for actual birth days later this week). The kids loved the jello and even devoured all of the extra oranges. Note to Self: Parents were not interested in eating these…do not make nearly as many in the future. 

My favorite part of the event was our Food Boat. We are still excited about Christmas gifts and did not need any more presents around the house (yes, the kids will be excited about gifts from family and extended family on their birthdays, but 20 new gifts each was not necessary). I decided that we would do a food drive for the local food pantry instead. Macklin was on board with "getting food for people who need it." We borrowed a ducky boat from a friend and collected all of the food in the boat! Our friends were so generous and brought 112 food items! So cool! Only one time on the way home did Macklin say, "Mommy, let's go open my presents!" I reminded him of what he had done instead of presents and he said, "Oh yah." Then he moved on with his day. No phased at all. I hope he gets a little taste of loving others when we go drop it off today. 

Justin took the morning off of work to play with his sweet babies! We just couldn't find another time to do it this month on the weekends (with track and everything else with church). It was a great morning as a family! 

Macklin's favorite part of the party was the boat races! It was a short activity, but it was fun to drop their boats in the lazy river and watch them float around. 

Happy Birthday to Macklin and Macy! 

Trevan, Kolt, and Mack enjoying their boats after the party! 

The Invite (from the PaperBlossomShop on Etsy.com)

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  1. Sad we missed the pool party! I'll show Cayle the pics.