Tuesday, July 29, 2014

65th Anniversary Weekend

Happy 65th Anniversary to my sweet grandparents! 


We celebrated by meeting up at their home in Paris, IL for a family party. We used to attend Thanksgiving at their home every year as a child. But as families grew and they got a bit older, we started to rotate to other children's homes. Prior to coming this summer, it had been over ten years since I had been to their home. No worries though, it was just the way I remembered and I was so excited to share that with my kids. It was an awesome event where we all were able to just enjoy each other and their home. Here are some highlights. 

Being goofy with Grandma, my brother, and Grandpa

Uncle Jeff's Family

My Grandparents with their Children and Spouses 

Love taking pictures of us three! 

My Grandparents with their Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren 

Aunt Peggy's Family 

Grandma with her Granddaughters and Great-Granddaughters
(All of the great-granddaughters are wearing a dress that she sewed!) 

Uncle Mark and his Girls 

Just Hanging Out 

Their Home & the Set-Up

The Super Porta Potty
Everyone was so impressed with this fancy outdoor toilet. It had music, AC, clean fixtures, and no yucky smell! Sometimes I just went in when I got hot! 

Visiting Grandpa's Dentist Office on Sunday
Grandpa still sees patients here! 

Always have thought this picture is super funny! He took the shot of him golfing in response to the Father's Day card below that my family sent him a while back. He is a funny guy! 

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