Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dirty Dozen

The Gypsum Dirty Dozen obstacle race is a fun experience for our town. There are 12 obstacles that you have to navigate over a (almost) 5k course. Each year they have added more mud and more slop to the course. We had a blast doing it this year as I finished it with two of my high school athletes. The group below is the whole track team that started together! 

The highlight of my day though began after I finished the race - it was Macklin's turn to race! There was a two-lap kids course around one section of the race. Macklin made it through one round and did a great job. He wasn't too excited about really laying and swimming through the mud. But, hey, he is only four. I was so proud of him and he really had a blast! 


Getting cleaned off by the firemen! 

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