Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 3rd in the Vail Valley

The 4th of July starts a day early in the Vail Valley as Avon has their fireworks on the 3rd. Since it happened to be a Thursday night, the Beaver Creek Rodeo also happened to be taking place the same night! We made an evening out of it and the kids had a blast! 

Let's start with the picture of the night….Trevan, Macklin, and Macy enjoying the rodeo! We took a lot of pictures of them cheering on the cowboys, but the one below happened to be snapped by one of the photographers of the event. Word on the street says that it will be featured in the program for next season :) Keep you posted on that one. 

The kids with the BC Rodeo Queen (who is also an EVHS student and high school YL friend!) 

Enjoying time with friends, even with photo bombers that we don't know. 

Grabbing some ice cream before the fireworks. 

Avon Fireworks! While we do not live in a big city, these are big city fireworks! The kids really enjoyed them this year and watched the whole show! 

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