Thursday, July 31, 2014

Time with Friends in StL

We always try to connect with as many friends as possible while we are in St. Louis. Here are a few gems that we were able to hang with this summer. 



The Olivastro Family, of course! We got some pool time as well as some park time in with them! 


The Rulo Family
These guys are awesome. We could talk Young Life or coaching or parenting for weeks and still not run out of stuff to talk about. They have a heart for high school kids to know Jesus and we love that about them. While we only get a stop-through visit every none and then, it is worth it! 

The Peak Family
Now this one took a bit more work. Both families were traveling and we were able to meet up. It was a blast to see them as the kids enjoy each other so much, but I think us parents do even more! Such loving people that we are grateful to have in our lives. 


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