Friday, July 11, 2014

Muttin' Bustin' Night

It's time to take a walk on the wild side! Thursday night we took the kids to the rodeo and Macklin had the chance to Muttin' Bust! Muttin' Bustin' is where they stick a kid on top of a sheep and let the sheep out of a pin. The kid tried to hang on as long as possible. Macklin didn't really know what this totally meant, but since his buddy was up for it, so was he! He looks quite excited in the pictures (note, before someone stuck him on a sheep). 

After getting your order number, you walk with your parent inside the rodeo circle. You get "fitted" with your helmet and have a chance to watch 13 other kids fall off of a sheep before you get to go. 

When your number gets called, the BC Rodeo Queen (who happens to be a high school friend of ours) comes and takes you to the pin with the sheep. Macklin was doing great through this point. 


Here is where he freaked - Once they put him on the sheep, there is a split second before they open the door. Macklin just yelled "NO! NO! NO! NO!" He clung for life to the green railings and he did not let him out of the pin. Muttin' Bustin' was short lived for Mack. :) But I was proud of him for even making it that far. 

I wonder if he will let me talk him into it next summer? 

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