Thursday, July 10, 2014

Camping Near Homestake Reservoir

With an open 24 hours, we took off for another camping adventure! We drove past Minturn and then turned off on Homestake Peak Rd. I had not been out this direction yet. It is always amazing how many fun adventures there are so close to home. With numerous campsites to choose from, Daniel already knew the one that he wanted and it happened to be open. Our site was recessed from the road, surrounded by lily ponds (close but not too close), walking distance to a fun swimming hole in the river, and filled with many rock forms to climb and explore. It was perfect! After getting a late start, we had enough time to get set up and take a dip before roasting some hot dogs and s'mores. It was such a fun day that they kids asked to go to bed! Here are some of our highlights in pictures:


Grandpa's new tent has been such a blessing! We can get all five of us in there with extra space for bags! 

Hiking Missouri Lakes Trail 
The kids are getting better with hiking on every journey! We probably went a mile out and another mile back and this was the most that they have physically walked. Macy even ran back most of the way! 

Swimming in the Lily Pond
After going for a dip in the river Sunday night, Macklin was anxious to get back into the water after our hike on Monday. He wanted to "swim with the lily ponds," as he said it. Swim with the lily ponds they did! I let daddy take the lead on this one. Macklin and Macy both got in to touch a lily pond and Macklin even swam all the way to the island across the way (in the last picture). It was cold but they did a great job being adventurous! 


Baxter's Buddy, Roscoe!
We had a new member of our crew this weekend and his name is Roscoe! We had agreed to dog sit and then decided to go camping. Thus, Roscoe got to go camping! We were worried about him since the last time we watched him, we almost lost him for good. But, contrary to our guesses, Roscoe has been a great dog! He was off leash almost the entire time around camp and on the hike. He stayed close at night and even jumped into the truck for the way home! We wore him out, that is for sure! One of the funniest things that Roscoe did on our trip was laying in the river (see the last pictures). I have never seen a dog do this! He just wanted to cool off, I guess. 


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